Friday, June 19, 2009

He Said What?

I recently read an article in Score golf magazine regarding how the recession as affected the golf industry in Canada and world wide. The article points out the many discounts that golf courses and even the golf travel industry are providing this summer. The article goes on to highlight the state of panic that golf tournaments are in concerning sponsorship.
What got me was an interview done with the head of Golf Town Canada, Stephen Bebis. To paraphrase, he basically went on to say that Golf Town is doing nothing in the current economic climate. He believes that golfers are loyal passionate people that will spend money regardless of the economic climate.

I agree with him that golfers are a loyal and passionate bunch, but if they don’t have the money how can they spend it on equipment? How are golfers supposed to reap the rewards of these discounted green fees and golf trips if they can’t afford the equipment to play on these courses?

Was it not this kind of thinking that got the North American auto companies in the situation they currently find themselves in?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Course Review - Winchester Golf Club

Winchester Golf Club is located about 40 minutes northeast of Toronto in Brooklin Ontario. It’s a PAR 70 course that is just under 5200 yards.
I play this course a lot mainly because of the price, can’t beat $35 weekend green fees. Even though the course is relatively short it’s huge on the risk reward factor.
There are probably at least 5 driveable par 4’s but that being said the fairways are narrow and the tee boxes are tree lined. Miss hit a tee shot and you will pay for it.
Lots of elevation changes and the greens are always in great condition with consistent speeds. Surprisingly the sand traps are amongst the best on any course I’ve played in Ontario.
On a personal note I played this past weekend and shot and 85. That’s an 85 going eagle, birdie, bogey birdie over 4 holes.

Frugal Golf Rating - Birdie

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Club Review - Cleveland Niblick (The Cheat Club)

I was sitting around one Sunday afternoon watching the NBC special on new golf equipment. Then up on the screen came a club that I’ve never seen before, the Cleveland Niblick. The Niblick is supposed to be an all in one chipper/wedge club that is heralded to improve anyone’s short game or shots 80 yards to the green and closer. Since my short game has self the destructed over the last year I thought this would be the perfect remedy.
I went over to Golf Town to see what all the hype was about. When I asked to see it the salesman responded “oh you want the cheat club.” I then proceeded to hit three consecutive chips into the hole on their makeshift green (I swear it was rigged) and decided I must have this club however, I was not willing to for out the $129 CDN.. Unfortunately since the club is relatively new there weren’t many deals online. When I searched online I found sites mostly devoted to hating on or touting the benefits of the club. Eventually I was able to find a new one on Ebay for $80.
My view on the club is mixed. It is amazing for around the green and does as advertised; I’ve never hit so many chips so close. That being said, anything more than 20yards doesn’t spin enough and that’s with the 42 degree loft

Pros – great around the green for the short shots
Cons – lack of spin and the club is not USGA approved (so be prepared to be called a cheat if it’s in the bag)
Rating – Par – does what is says but you’re not missing out anything by not having it in the bag

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome To The Frugal Golfer

Let's face it, golf is not a inexpenseive sport to get into. When I took up golf in my late teens I always looked for what deals I could find, whether it was on green fees, equipment or anything else golf related. I always wanted to pay the least for the best. The current economic climate has forced a lot of people to start thinking this way as well.

In a time where we're all watching our spending, all of a sudden $100 green fees or a $350 driver doesn't look like such a good deal anymore and doesn't make good economic sense.

The goal of this site is to be a hub for golfers who still want to use the best equipment and to play as much golf as they can while not having to break the bank. I will pass on some tips on where to find cheap equipment, specials on courses in Southern Ontario, and from time to time I will give my review courses that I've recently played in southern Ontario and I hope some of you will do the same.

I'm fortunate enough to have access to a variety of equipment and will also pass my thoughts/reviews on different equipment that I have used or am currently using.
I look forward to hearing from you on any deals you find out there as well.