Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Club Review - Cleveland Niblick (The Cheat Club)

I was sitting around one Sunday afternoon watching the NBC special on new golf equipment. Then up on the screen came a club that I’ve never seen before, the Cleveland Niblick. The Niblick is supposed to be an all in one chipper/wedge club that is heralded to improve anyone’s short game or shots 80 yards to the green and closer. Since my short game has self the destructed over the last year I thought this would be the perfect remedy.
I went over to Golf Town to see what all the hype was about. When I asked to see it the salesman responded “oh you want the cheat club.” I then proceeded to hit three consecutive chips into the hole on their makeshift green (I swear it was rigged) and decided I must have this club however, I was not willing to for out the $129 CDN.. Unfortunately since the club is relatively new there weren’t many deals online. When I searched online I found sites mostly devoted to hating on or touting the benefits of the club. Eventually I was able to find a new one on Ebay for $80.
My view on the club is mixed. It is amazing for around the green and does as advertised; I’ve never hit so many chips so close. That being said, anything more than 20yards doesn’t spin enough and that’s with the 42 degree loft

Pros – great around the green for the short shots
Cons – lack of spin and the club is not USGA approved (so be prepared to be called a cheat if it’s in the bag)
Rating – Par – does what is says but you’re not missing out anything by not having it in the bag

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