Friday, June 19, 2009

He Said What?

I recently read an article in Score golf magazine regarding how the recession as affected the golf industry in Canada and world wide. The article points out the many discounts that golf courses and even the golf travel industry are providing this summer. The article goes on to highlight the state of panic that golf tournaments are in concerning sponsorship.
What got me was an interview done with the head of Golf Town Canada, Stephen Bebis. To paraphrase, he basically went on to say that Golf Town is doing nothing in the current economic climate. He believes that golfers are loyal passionate people that will spend money regardless of the economic climate.

I agree with him that golfers are a loyal and passionate bunch, but if they don’t have the money how can they spend it on equipment? How are golfers supposed to reap the rewards of these discounted green fees and golf trips if they can’t afford the equipment to play on these courses?

Was it not this kind of thinking that got the North American auto companies in the situation they currently find themselves in?


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